ioXt Announces Major Strategic Shift Toward Secure IoT PaaS

ioXt, the global standard for IoT security, is proud to announce a significant strategic shift in its business focus. While continuing to honor and support products that have received the prestigious ioXt Certification, ioXt is now shifting its expertise and resources to provide a comprehensive Secure IoT Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).

The new ioXt platform will deliver a suite of robust tools and services designed to empower manufacturers in securely developing, deploying, and managing smart devices. Key features of the ioXt Secure IoT PaaS include:

– Device Integration: Simplified processes to seamlessly integrate various sensors, actuators, and connectivity modules into your products.

– Smart Device Management: Centralized control over device firmware updates, configuration settings, and operational status.

– Scalable Architecture: Support for a vast number of devices and users, ensuring that your smart products can grow alongside your business.

This strategic investment in Secure IoT PaaS underscores ioXt’s commitment to driving innovation and security in the IoT landscape. By offering a platform that enhances the security and management of smart devices, ioXt aims to set new industry standards and provide manufacturers with the tools they need to succeed in a connected world.

ioXt remains the gold standard for IoT security, continuing to lead the industry with its trusted certification and now, with its cutting-edge Secure IoT PaaS.

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